Whether it’s high-volume shell schemes or a unique custom-designed stand, our experienced exhibition crews are able to build to spec, safely and professionally.

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Our exhibition staff also assist in building brands

An exhibition is a unique opportunity for companies to raise their profile, which makes their exhibition stand all the more important. From expo organisers with hundreds of stands to build in a limited amount of time to exhibitors who need stand builders to help erect bespoke stands that have been custom designed, TenTen Events can assist with logistics and provide builders and exhibition crews of all sizes that are able to quickly and professionally bring your vision to life.

Whether indoors or out, our exhibition staff are trained, experienced and resourceful enough to handle any challenges that may arise. Many of our crews have been working together on exhibition projects and trade shows for multiple seasons and are able to assemble modular exhibition stands, pavilions and shell schemes of all types – quickly, safely and efficiently.


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